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  • The Ice Queen

    This Queen brings her love for all things ice and snow wherever she goes!

    Invite her today to make your next special event an icy blast!

    Choose from several stunning gowns and outfit options!

    Original Ice Dress

    Spring Dress

    Holiday Dress

    Ballerina Tutu

    Skating Skirt

    Spirit Dress

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Ice Princess

    This quirky and adorable princess loves to put a smile on children's faces!

    Open up the gates and invite our Ice Princess to bring some magic and fun to your next party!

    Choose from several stunning gowns and outfit options!

    Original Ice Dress

    Spring Dress

    Queen Gown

    Ballerina Tutu

    Skating Skirt

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Beauty Princess

    This bookworm is always up for an adventure in the great wide somewhere!

    Let this enchanting princess be YOUR guest at your next celebration!

    Choose from several stunning gowns and outfit options!

    Modern Gown

    Classic Gown

    Holiday Gown

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Island Princess

    She knows the way!

    Let the ocean call her to your next special event!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Mermaid Princess

    This princess can't wait to flip her fins on land with you!

    She's sure to make your next celebration


    Choose from several stunning gowns and outfit options!

    Teal Gown

    Pink Gown

    Mermaid Skirt

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Arabian Princess

    This courageous princess is shining, shimmering, splendid wherever she goes!

    Let her bring a whole new world of excitement to your next party!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Sleeping Princess

    This princess can't wait to celebrate with you once upon a dream!

    We promise she won't fall asleep!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Glass Slipper Princess

    This princess loves any excuse to dress up for a royal celebration!

    Get your glass slippers ready because this princess loves to dance the night away!

    Choose from several stunning gowns and outfit options!

    Classic Gown

    Modern Gown

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Spanish Princess

    This bilingual princess brings any fiesta to life!

    Invite her today for a celebration like no other!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The First Princess

    There's a whole new enchanting world waiting for her to explore!

    She can't wait to share all she's learned about royalty with you!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Tower Princess

    This princess can't wait to leave her tower for your next celebration!

    Making your special event as magical as can be is her new dream!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The Brave Princess

    With her bow in tow, this courageous princess is always up for an adventure!

    She can't wait to follow the wisps to your next party!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • Wonder Warrior

    She's out of this world!

    This strong, independent hero can't wait to show off her moves at your next event!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • Spider Hero

    He's always ready to swing on over for a party!

    He's quick with a joke and sure knows how to have a good time!

    See him in action at past parties and events!

  • Bat Hero

    With the coolest cars and high-tech gadgets - he's sure to impress guests young and old!

    Send out the signal to invite him to your next event!

    See him in action at past parties and events!

  • Iron Hero

    With 22 pieces of armour and large a personality to match,

    he's sure to be the centre of attention at any event!

    Invite him today to take your party to the next level!

    See him in action at past parties and events!

  • Galaxy Scavenger

    This adventurer loves any reason to travel between the many galaxies!

    Invite her today and you might just find yourself part of the resistance!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • Ballerina Princesses

    Grab your tutus and lace up your ballet slippers, these ballerinas come ready to party!

    Invite our beautiful and talented ballerinas to dance the day away at your next special event!


    Each Ballerina Birthday Party involves a high energy warm up, a mini-dance routine, and of course, a grand final performance for the audience!

    Choose from several stunning ballerina characters!

    Ballerina Ice Queen

    Ballerina Ice Princess


    Mermaid Princess

    Unicorn Ballerina -Shimmer

    Unicorn Ballerina -


    Spring Ballerina

    See them in action at past parties and events!

  • Mermaid Princesses

    Life is the bubbles for these mermaids!

    Our mermaids can't wait to have a fin-tastic time at your next celebration!


    They love to give magical mermaid makeovers, and teach you their favourite games from under the sea!


    Invite them today to make your next party a splashing good time!

    Choose from several stunning outfit options!

    Mermaid Aqua

    Mermaid Marina

    Mermaid Calypso

    Mermaid Coralia

    Mermaid Princess

    See them in action at past parties and events!

  • Unicorn Princesses

    The perfect touch of whimsy to any special event!

    Choose your favourite outfit option!

    Unicorn Princess -


    Unicorn Princess -


    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • Winter Princesses

    Velvet capes, sparkling holly hair clips, and rosy cheeks - we love the winter season!

    Our princesses have custom matching down-filled jackets and fleece layers to keep them warm at all your outdoor events!


    They also have beautiful fur lined capes to add the perfect touch for special winter events!

    Choose from several stunning winter outfit options for

    both indoor or outdoor holiday events!

    Ice Queen

    Sleeping Princess

    Spanish Princess

    Glass Slipper Princess

    Glass Slipper Princess

    Mermaid Princess

    Mermaid Princess

    Beauty Princess

    Beauty Princess

  • Christmas Elves

    Take it from Santa, these elves are hard working, cheerful, and full of holiday spirit!

    Our Christmas Elves make the perfect addition to any holiday party!


    Invite them to help wrap presents, decorate cookies, serve hot chocolate, sing carols, and more!


    Plus, they're always happy to hand deliver any special letters to the North Pole!

    See them in action at past parties and events!

  • Skating Princesses

    Our performers make the best teachers, and love skating and playing with new friends!

    Invite our Ice Sisters in their indoor skating outfits to steal the show!


    Or invite any of our other characters to bring some magic to the ice in their standard costumes, or their outdoor winter wear!

    See our customized indoor skating outfits:

    Skating Ice Queen

    Skating Ice Princess

    See them in action at past parties and events!

  • Holiday Grouch

    He's a mean one!

    Invite him to your next holiday event for some, um... Christmas Spirit? Just don't expect him to be *too* cheerful!

    See him in action at past parties and events!

  • Miss Martha

    With her show-stopping voice, this Christmas Queen is sure to wow every crowd!

    Invite her today to make your next special event an icy blast!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • The SugarPlums

    Our Vintage Christmas Carolling Trio is sure to put everyone in a merry mood!

    Perfect for corporate parties, background ambiance, or roving entertainment, this adorable trio with sugar sweet harmonies certainly brings the holiday spirit!


    Contact us today for videos of them in action! Now available in winter wear for outdoor events!

    See them in action at past parties and events!

  • Space Toy

    To birthday parties and beyond!

    See him in action at past parties and events!

    *As a mascot character with limited mobility, our Space Toy does require a second character to be booked along with him to help run games and activities.

  • Cowgirl Toy

    Yee haw! This cowgirl sure knows how to have a rootin' tootin' good time!

    Gather your junior deputies and invite our Cowgirl Toy for a party like no other!

    See her in action at past parties and events!

  • Little Bow Toy

    This latest addition to the Charmed Affair team can't wait to get out and meet new friends!

  • Mad Scientist


    He's crazy fun!


    Our Scientist loves to lead his little lab assistants through a series of hands on science experiments during our interactive Science Parties!

  • Pamper Professionals

    Our Pamper Professionals would love to bring the royal treatment to your next Spa Party!

    They're so much fun and will treat little guests like superstars while they lead manicures, pedicures, relaxing face masks, and sparkly makeovers!

1. A 50% deposit must be placed to confirm your party booking.
2. Your deposit is non-refundable, however, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, can be put towards another event at a later date mutually agreed upon by both parties. Events can be rescheduled with no later than 48 hours notice.
3. Your party booking (including character choice, date and time) is provisionally held for 24 hours from once the deposit invoice is sent. If the deposit is not paid within this time, availability is subject to change.
4. For large corporate clients unable to provide a deposit, a written agreement must be created confirming character performances, price, and pay schedule.

Remaining Balance:
1. Your Remaining Party Balance must be paid in full 1 week before the party.
2. If party balance is not paid in full 48 hours prior to the event, performers will not attend and your booking will be cancelled.

1. A Party Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will is not eligible to receive a refund, or transfer their deposit to an event at a later date.
2. If a Client has a complaint during their event, the Client must first inform the performer at the earliest opportunity to allow the issue to be resolved. If a resolution is not reached, you must contact the company representative during the event so that we are provided the opportunity to rectify the matter. Failure to indicate dissatisfaction during the event will result in the Client’s ability to claim compensation being extinguished or reduced.
3. Though extremely unlikely (and yet to ever happen), in the case we have to cancel your event, a full refund will be issued, along with a 20% credit to put towards future events.

Travel Fees & Boundaries:
1. Party packages include travel to locations in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, St. Albert, and Spruce Grove. If your event takes place outside of these areas, additional travel fees will apply. Though our performers live around the Edmonton area, our headquarters is in Sherwood Park, where all costumes and party supplies are located.
2. Travel fees are quoted based on the number of performers (ability to carpool), distance from our headquarters, and seasonal road conditions.
3. There is also the option to host your event at our exclusive venue in Sherwood Park, or at any other rentable venue within our set boundaries.

Duties & Expectations:
1. It is the Client’s responsibility to review all details in their final confirmation email, and notify A Charmed Affair if any information is incorrect.
2. No other character performers from a competing company may be booked for the same event, as it misrepresents both companies.
3. As our party routines are designed for maximum fun and entertainment, please avoid booking other attractions and activities at the same time as your performer. Your performer will provide complete entertainment for the duration of their visit, so any additional activities at the time are unnecessary.
4. Performers will arrive 15 min prior to the event in costume for instruction/set up, and 30 min prior if changing into costume. If additional time is required, it must be booked as part of the corporate hourly rate. Performers will always arrive in costume for birthday party events.
5. In the event of unfortunate weather conditions (frequent in Alberta winters) making performers late, additional time will be made up at the end of the performance. In this case, they will call to inform you of their expected arrival time. The safety our performers is extremely important to us, and thus it is expected that they drive to the road conditions.
6. Performers will call the number provided prior to their entrance to discuss final details. Performers will wait up to 15 min for late comers before starting the party. Unfortunately, we cannot delay the start of a party longer than 15 minutes as our performers may be booked for additional events that same day.
7. Please address your performer only as their character for the duration of the event to avoid compromising character integrity. Though we always encourage children to dress up for events, we do ask that no other adults be in costume, as again, this comprises our character integrity.
8. Your Performer will stay in character the entire time, therefore the party organizer is responsible for children's behavior and safety throughout the event.
9. We ask that at least one adult is present in the room at all times, and pets are kept away for their own safety as well as the safety of our performers and guests.
10. For corporate events, performers must have the contact information of at least one event organizer on site.
11. We do have a recommend ratio of 12 children to 1 performer for birthday parties. Should there be more than 12 kids, we strongly recommend adding additional characters to ensure guests receive the full party experience. If additional characters are not added, certain games will likely have to be excluded due to limited time and supplies. The party will be less interactive and engaging for the children.
12. Our ultimate goal is for all the guests to have a magical time, and therefore games and activities may be altered from the original routine to suit their interests and requests. We leave it up to the performer’s best judgement to make sure all the kids are entertained and enjoy the experience!
13. Though we do our best to keep kids engaged, we are not responsible if a child does not want to participate. We cannot force participation, and will encourage everyone to have fun in their own way. We offer a variety of fun activities, and often we have kids that hop in and hop out of games.
14. Unfortunately during our routines, we cannot makeover or dress up anyone who we believe is suffering cold sores, open wounds, pink eye, lice, or any other condition that may be contagious. It is the parent’s responsibility to check for this before your performer arrives.
15. We do not tolerate violence, bullying or harassment towards anyone at our parties. Our performers are trained on how to handle these situations, and will do their best to resolve the conflict, but if it ensues, parents will be asked to step in.
16. If at anytime the performer feels uncomfortable or threatened at an event, they have every right to leave if the situation has not been handled following a conversation with the Client. Refunds will not be given in situations where a performer is forced to leave a party due to rude or inappropriate behavior targeted towards them from an adult at a party.
17. Performers may stay longer at the event at their own discretion without charge.

Exclusive Venue:
1. We have partnered with KeyLime Studio to offer the perfect party space at a great rate. As such, we do not own or lease the space and are not responsible for it’s maintenance. Layout, Furniture, and Supplies are subject to change without our knowledge or consent.
2. Venue rental rate is not not included in any specials or discounts run by A Charmed Affair.
3. You must not touch any of the fitness equipment unless instructed by your performer. Neither A Charmed Affair, nor KeyLime Studio is responsible for any damage, accidents or injuries while unsupervised. Use at your own risk. Cost of any damage incurred is the responsibility of the party organizer. 
4. In order to receive the refund for the $50 cleaning deposit, the following areas must be clean:
a. All tables and chairs wiped off and stowed away in an organized fashion.
b. All furniture that has been moved must be put back to its original location.
c. Sweep floor completely and empty dust into garbage can.
d. Swiffer Mop/Steam Mop floor completely, ensuring no stickiness is left behind.
e. Use invisible glass cleaner and paper towel to clean all mirrors of fingerprints.
f. Take all garbage out to the dumpster and replace bags.
5. As events are booked back to back in the venue, beyond our control, you must be punctual. Your 3 hour time slot includes your setup and clean up time, so please plan accordingly. If your party runs more than 30 minutes overtime, your cleaning deposit will not be refunded.

1. Our characters and costumes are of our own creation. It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws.  Any resemblance to nationally known and/or copyrighted characters is coincidental, not intentional. All rights reserved. Should you have the need for any licensed, patented/copyrighted characters at your event, we ask you to please contact the company/copyright license holders for your specific targeted character.
2. We will only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we do not offer nor represent any licensed characters.
3. Businesses advertising our characters must use our characters’ names and images, as featured on our website.

Limitation of Liability:
1. In no event will either party be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages arising in any way out of this agreement, however caused and on any theory of liability. This limitation will apply even if the other party has been advised of the possibility of such damage and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited warranty provided herein.

Hold Harmless:
1. Both parties shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the other, its agents and employees from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, losses and expenses including, without limitation, attorneys fees and costs of any kind whatsoever arising out of or resulting from, directly or indirectly, any act or omission of its agents, employees, invitees, contractors, suppliers, customers and sub-lessees.