• Mermaid Princesses

    Life is the bubbles for these mermaids!

    Our mermaids can't wait to have a fin-tastic time at your next celebration!


    They love to give magical mermaid makeovers, and teach you their favourite games from under the sea!


    Invite them today to make your next party a splashing good time!

    Choose from several stunning outfit options!

    Please note our Mermaids in the walking skirts are recommended for larger venues, or for parties with younger children. Our seated mermaid tails do limit our ability to run after children, so we may need a bit of parent assistance at times. We will bring an inflatable shell chair for our seated mermaids to sit on for the duration of the event.

    Mermaid Aqua

    Mermaid Marina

    Mermaid Calypso

    Mermaid Coralia

    The Mermaid Princess

    Mermaid Odessa

    Mermaid Melody

    Mermaid Sapphire

    See them in action at past parties and events!